Lisa Wilkinson Sports Therapist - Sports Massage & Injury Rehabilitation
I just want to drop you a short note to thank you for all your encouragement and help in getting me to achieve my objective of completing the Reading Half Marathon.
There is no doubt in my mind that without your support and guidance, I certainly would not have been able to achieve this goal. Clearly the pre-marathon preparations and advice you gave me were vitally important.
Sir John Madejski
Co-chairman of Reading FC

Lisa is just amazing! Both my wife and I have had treatments, mine was a shoulder injury with tendon damage and after just two sessions I got full mobility back.... My wife had neck and shoulder pain due to long hours behind a computer screen and after one treatment all the pain has gone! We will be regular customers from now on.
Wayne Rogers
December 2016

I’ve been seeing Lisa for 8 years now and she’s helped to keep my body in one piece! I am an athlete, now in the veteran ranks, and train and compete on a frequent basis. The regular visits I make to her have kept my injuries to a minimum, and have enabled me to achieve two of my main targets this year; setting a CBP in the Southern Counties Veterans Championships 60m Hurdles and being selected to represent Great Britain Vets in an international fixture. Lisa works with you in you have an injury, and keeps a keen eye on what you have been doing! I would definitely recommend a visit to her. 
Meryl Austin
Reading Athletic Club

Lisa is a little gem - she knows her stuff and I always feel much better after seeing Lisa - I love the feeling of hollow legs after my session! I train quite hard on the swim, bike run but always look forward to my massage as I know I'll feel revitalised for my next 4 weeks training! thank you Lisa!
Vanessa Elliot
June 2015

Lisa is a great person to visit for sports massage, as she is very knowledgeable, professional, thorough and personable. I originally visited her to try to relieve some tightness in my back and have been a repeat customer as she’s able to relieve the muscle tension and tightness built up through exercise which makes it possible to continue to progress without issue. I would recommend Lisa every time.
Dave McCreight
July 2015

We are competitive dancers and represent England. We constantly put our bodies through rigorous routines and training sessions in order to maintain a high level of performance. Because of this our joints and muscles are put through a lot of stress. Lisa has not only provided relief and improved muscle flexibility through deep tissue massage and using hot stones, but has also given us information on how to maintain an improved well being to improve performance and fitness. The sessions have been great for decongesting the body after big events, loosening tired and tight muscles and relaxing our bodies so they are prepared to work as efficiently as possible.  
Richard Still and Morgan Hemphill
UK Professional 10 Dance champions (October 2015)
Soon after starting training for the London Marathon 2013 I began to pick up lots of little niggly injuries. I then began seeing Lisa, and before I knew it all of the annoying injuries I had been picking up disappeared.
Not only did she help with preventing injuries and helping with recovery, but as a novice runner and Lisa being a marathon expert, she was immensely helpful in giving me tips and helping with my training plan.
With a pretty optimistic marathon goal time, I looked forward to each of our sessions, as I knew my legs would feel a hundred times better, plus I could discuss possible training/nutrition plans with Lisa and get her advice.

I'm 100% sure without Lisa’s help I wouldn’t have reached my goal time and I am so thankful for her help! I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to any runner/athlete!
Charles Davis
January 2014

Having developed a shoulder muscle and neck pain after weeks down the gym without enough rest days, I looked for a local sports therapist and found that Lisa had a great reputation. Well, they weren't wrong! Lisa is friendly, professional and very effective and now I've recovered.
Don't expect whale music and scented candles though. This is the real deal and she will sort out your sports injuries.
 Carl Millington
December 2013